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  • What do you do at Fin. Campers?
    We design and build high quality, modular campervan conversions!
  • Do you only convert VW Transporters?
    We currently have a complete modular conversion designed and tested for VW LWB Transporters (MY2005-MY2022) and the Toyota HiAce H200 LWB (MY2004-2019). We are not taking on any additional van models at this time.
  • How are your conversions different?
    Our campers have been designed fom the ground up to enable you to use the van for anything from camping off-grid to your weekend Bunnings run! Most of our modules remove in minutes getting you up to 80% of your usable van floor space back.
  • How are your modules secured?
    All our removable modules are secured via our sturdy 18mm birch ply floor. We have designed a unique floor cleat anchoring system, which allows you to easily locate and anchor down the modules with only two bolts to the floor.
  • What are your modules made from?
    Our modules are made from a high quality, laminated birch plywood. Our plywood is weather and moisture proof, which makes it perfect for campervan furniture.
  • Where are your campers made?
    We proudly design and build all of our conversions right here in Melbourne! Our kits are computer CNC milled by one of our local suppliers, and then assembled and installed at our home workshop in Sunbury (near the Melbourne Airport).
  • Do you install other accessories like pop-tops?
    Yes, we install everything from the electronics and insulation, to pop tops and awnings.
  • Are your conversions engineered?
    Yes! Our conversions are all certified by an engineer, who inspects and ensures that your conversion meets all the safety requirements for a motorhome conversion.
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